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What is sealcoating

Sealcoating is a protective coating that works much like the way paint protects wood, metal and other surfaces.  The coating, applied to the pavement surface protects the asphalt binder from degradation caused by sunlight (UV light turns asphlat pavement from black to gray, while making it weaker and more brittle), chemical attack and water intrusion.  Unlike paints, sealcoating is formulated to aslo provide wear resistance to vechicular traffic.  Sand is usually added to provide additional wear resistance and provide a more slip-resistant surface. 
Crack Filling
Although asphalt is waterproof, the stresses of use and weather conditions can create cracks, making crack filling a first line task for your routine asphalt maintenance.  The crew at ARI use a hot rubberized crack filler to fill in and seal these cracks after properly preparing them.  This will once again prevent the deterioration that water and moisture seepage can bring.

Patching / Repair

Depending on your bid requirements, patch areas are either thrown-in asphalt or saw-cut/milling prepped.  However we do strongly recomment saw-cutting or milling to lock in the patch work and ensure longevity. 




Striping/Asphalt Marking's

All striping items contracted will be striped per existing layout or site plans.  If contracted, the car stops will be replaced and/or repainted at this time along with curb painting and any signage installations needed. 

Overlay/New Asphalt Paving

Overlays have different requirements and some jobs require pre-leveling to prevent current issues from reoccurring.  An asphalt overlay is a new layer of asphalt applied to a structurally sound (repaired if necessary) but worn and deteriorating surface. 
Concrete Services
ARI will gladely come and repair your cracked or broken up concrete driveway or sidewalks.  ARI will also repair or install new concrete curbing to keep your parking lot looking fresh and clean. 

Other Services

Keep ARI in mind for other services that you may need which include grading and bobcat work, hauling and drain services.